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Firewall Solutions

IT Outlooks firewall solution is there to provide you with a complete solution to control your security, monitoring and external access to you network!

External Access Control

Today's technology allows business users who can't always work from an office, but still need access to important documents and files, to go out into the world and close the deal with as little fuss as possible, while still being able to access essential data.

Having a firewall for your business will allow you to access your server, work on a document or file and then save it once any necessary changes have been made. All while keeping your information secure and confidential.

Monitoring & Usage Control

Most companies require an internet connection in order for business to function. This means that most employees have an internet connection from their company pc, which opens the company up to abuse. It is said that 30% - 40% of internet use in the workplace is not business related. We can help bring this down to 0! With an IT Outlook firewall you can block access to any site, as well track what users are accesing which sites and how often.

Bandwidth Monitoring

With bandwidth costs as high as they are, its important for business' to keep usage down as much as possible. With an IT Outlook firewall you can monitor your complete ADSL usage and identify computers that have higher than normal usage, and then correct the problem before it costs you money.

Security and Virus Protection

Prevent unwanted access to you network by installing an IT Outlook firewall today. Not only will the firewall help to prevent access by unwanted users, but will also help keep virus' and malware in check by blocking access to websites which may cause infections on your network.

Call us today to secure your network!

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