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Remote Support

Remote support allows our technicians to access and work on your computer, allowing us to fix issues as fast as possible.

Click on the corresponding link below to begin remote support with your technician:

Remote Utilities

1. Click the above Remote Utilities link.
2. If prompted, save the file to your desktop, otherwise check your Downloads folder.
3. Run the downloaded file (RemoteAgent.exe).
4. Click the Accept button.
5. Read the ID and Password to the technician.

Remote Support - What you should know:

While remote support is becoming more and more popular it is still a fairly new technology for most users. In this day and age many people are worried about the security of their systems and data and remote support can be a bit scary at first. Please be aware that with the software IT Outlook uses we cannot access your system unless you click on the connect button. There is no way for us to access the system without the software already running on the users side.

It is important to note that the technician will be seeing your computer as you see it yourself and can therefore see any sensitive information that may be displayed. Please also note that we may need to access your email for issues relating to it which may lead to a technician seeing a confidential email, while we do try to keep exposure to a minumum we ask that clients close any important documents or email before initiating the connection.

IT Outlook values the privacy of our clients and any information that maybe seen during a remote session will be held in the strictest of confidence as per our privacy policy. To view our privacy policy please click here.

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