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Software & Database Development

IT Outlook can provide you with custom designed software to suit your needs. Struggling to find a software package that does what you need? Let us create one that works exactly the way you need it to. Don't make your business change to suit the software, make the software change to suit your business.

Below are some examples of websites and software we have developed for our clients.

Database of Leads for Telemarketing Company


  • Windows Software (C-Sharp)
  • Multiple User Permission Levels
  • Scanning of documents via ADF tray scanner
  • Assigning of scans to users for processing
  • Easy interface for users to do data capturing from scans
  • Assigning of leads to telemarketers
  • Interface for telemarketers for updating data
  • Reports for managers

  • Membership Database Redesign for Fine Music Radio

    Converted a database originally designed in MS Access 97 to a web-based version with extra features.


  • Web Based (PHP + MySQL)
  • View/Search/Edit members
  • Generate PDF reports
  • Generate PDF Document for printing labels
  • Export details to CSV

  • Booking System for a Chartered Boat Tours Company

    This is a full system for them to manage their bookings. None of the CMS packages they tried were able to handle all the features they needed.


  • Web Based (PHP + MySQL)
  • View Daily/Weekly/Monthly Bookings
  • Search Bookings
  • Add/Edit/Delete Bookings
  • Payments, Deposits and Bartabs details
  • Alerts for outstanding payments, etc.
  • PDF Invoices generated from within the system

  • Bookings Database for Moving Company

    Basic bookings system to manage each booking they have.


  • Web Based (PHP + MySQL)
  • Daily view of bookings
  • Add/Edit/Delete bookings

  • Printer Meter Readings Database

    The database imports data from their accounting system and uses it to produce a report of any client/printer for the sales staff.


  • Web Based (PHP + MySQL)
  • Import Data from accounting system
  • Open details via serial number
  • Calculate pages printed, cost to client, rental costs, etc.

  • Support Ticket System

    This is our internal ticketing system which is also available for other companies.


  • Standard Ticket System features
  • Full User Permissions Options
  • Import Debtors List from Fincon Accounting System
  • Save Sales Orders to Fincon when tickets are complete.
  • Distinctions for Cash Clients, Regular Clients and Contract Clients
  • Contract Client Logs and hour calculations
  • ADSL Cap Usage monitoring
  • Management Reports / Graphs

  • In Development...
    Quotation System for Printer Rentals

    This system is being designed for our client so that they can simplify their quotations for printer rentals. It will give more control over quotes, a history of quotes done, prevent mistakes on quotations by limiting features to only available features and not allowing pricing below set levels.

    Quotes will also automatically produce PDF quotations for the client.

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